Case: Electra Bicycle Company

INDUSTRY: Bike, Lifestyle

WHAT: 2016-2020 / Press work, editorial visits, influencer relations, events, co-brandings


FROHE BOTSCHAFT: Every year we reach more than 40 million bicycle enthusiasts in German-speaking countries through broad coverage, tests and raffles.

Electra Bicycle: Once you’ve sat in the saddle of an Electra bike and experienced the applied coolness of the patented Flat Foot technology, you’ll never want to ride another way. Founded in 1993 under the San Diego sun by German emigrants, Electra is the leading bicycle lifestyle brand in the USA. The 200 models of Electra conquer the hearts of both young and old alike.

Press work: For public and business media, we are constantly developing new hooks that bring stories about the distinctive Electra bicycles to life. For local and regional media, we concentrate on Electra’s Hamburg-based flagship store, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Editorial Visits: The live experience of the Californian bicycles is a central concern of communication – either by press & launch events, or visits to editorial offices.

Influencer Relations & Co-Brandings: In order to further push the hype around the stylish bikes and e-bikes, we also rely on the cooperation with authentic influencers, VIPs and brands.