We raise the flag for good news!

To stand out as a brand on the map, you need good stories. We translate ideas and unique messages into contemporary stories which inspire journalists, opinion leaders and multipliers. Whether startups, manufactories, online shops, service providers, local or global brands – we ensure editorial coverage in all media genres and the desired attention from opinion leaders and influencers.

"Frohe Botschaft supported us in communicating our Kickstarter campaign - we achieved the funding target in less than half the time. Speaker placements and award nominations within the framework of target group-oriented press work also helped to bring the important topic of the digital learning revolution into the public eye."

Anna Iarotska , CEO Robo Wunderkind

"Thanks to media attention we were able to increase the download rates of our app considerably."

Manuel Tolle, Founder of only one

"Product presentations and editorial visits have helped us to advance InnoNature's mission and achieve more media visibility".

Julia Lang, Founder Innonature

"The agency supports us in B2B and B2C communication. The positive response through more visibility for our white label solution strengthens our position in the political discourse and helps us especially with regard to financing and customer acquisition. In the B2C sector, the agency has enabled us to generate valuable links that contribute to our SEO strategy, among other things".

Freya Burrichter, Head of Marketing YAS.life

The team of Frohe Botschaft helped us approaching our press work strategically and supported us in defining key messages and sharpening communication goals. They also helped us to deal with social media, especially Instagram. Frohe Botschaft has found a visually and content-wise coherent mix for us, which has enabled us to organically push our reach within a very short time.

Finn Reitenbach und Maximilian König , Founder Viking Republic

"The Frohe Botschaft team has been accompanying us for many years in the areas of influencer campaigns and brand partnerships, event planning and classic PR in the DACH region. Test reports, visits to editorial offices and agenda surfing always allow a new view of the brand Playbrush."

Felicitas Fliesser, Strategic Lead Playbrush

"Media relations were a decisive factor in establishing our manufacture brand Tonka Gin - locally and nationally."

Daniel Soumikh, Founder Tonka Gin

"The team of Frohe Botschaft has been passionately supporting us for three years with communication around the topic of migraine and digital health. Reports and testimonials from those affected are not only aimed at app downloads, but also help to counteract the stigma surrounding this chronic disease."

Diana Hagenberg, Head of Marketing M-sense

"Frohe Botschaft provides us with first-class support for customer-specific, creative marketing concepts with storytelling ideas for all channels of the Hamburger Morgenpost."

Sarah-Mae Palma, Sales Managerin Hamburg First


Press work / Media Relations

We create relevant content according to the rules of storytelling and in all journalistic forms of presentation that convince opinion leaders and editors. As experienced journalists, we know which topics are important and find the right tonality. We have excellent media contacts in the fields of business, health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, interior, food, e-commerce and personality. We maintain this network through a permanent, intensive exchange and constantly expand it. As part of our regular editorial tours, we also present new products to all major publishing houses in person.

Social Media

Social media channels are an indispensable part of communication. We help you to define an individual social media strategy and enable a target group-oriented dialogue. In constant exchange with our clients, we develop a uniform visual language, a varied mix of topics and show how new features and functions can contribute to brand building. We identify the right influencers, tastemakers and high-reach multipliers who convert their followers into new fans and ensure authentic images and stories. On demand we take over the permanent support of social media accounts, where we ensure up-to-date content and regular interaction. The result is more visibility, likes or shares and conversion to the company website or shop.

Influencers / Blogger Relations

Real personalities who inspire and reach many people every day have the potential to boost marketing campaigns. We curate suitable influencers, take care of the organization management, develop individual actions and messages, accompany the cooperation and measure the success.

Project Controlling

Bring ideas together, get partners on board and initiate (re-)branding processes: With us, the most important threads come together until the result is achieved. We manage projects in the areas of marketing and content creation and align them closely with the communication strategy - 360° and maximum multi-channel. As a result we have fluffy processes, lots of passion and an emotional product. We achieve this, among other things, through our large network of creative and different people. In interdisciplinary teams we contribute new perspectives and impulses to the digital and analog communication worlds of our clients and brands.


Whether anniversary, launch, opening, panel discussion or talk - we organize events professionally and with great attention to detail. In addition, we know all the tricks to generate broad coverage - be it through an unusual location, an exciting programme or with the help of prominent guests. We know what it takes so that multipliers can serve!

Editorial Visits

Visiting journalists in publishing houses to present products and ideas in person is a super efficient tool: Whether new care products, tech tools, bicycles or children's toys: the products are presented, tested and questioned on site. The result is a conversation and authentic exchange that is based on genuine curiosity and remains irreplaceable in the digital world. An incomparably high rate of publications and reporting can be expected, which is far superior to conventional monitoring and will reach almost 100% press coverage. We offer a broad wealth of experience regarding editorial visits to all media locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Media Solutions

Storytelling is not only an important element of press work, but also of advertising. We advise publishers and media makers on the development, implementation and marketing of native advertising and advertorial concepts.


If you want to provide fans and opinion leaders with exclusive content on a regular basis, we support you in the implementation and maintenance of a contemporary newsletter. We help to create a uniform visual language, look for the right partners for graphic implementation, research varied topics and create creative editorial plans. Moreover, we regularly play out target group-specific content via the most common newsletter systems.



Blogs are no longer just something for (micro)influencers. Companies and brands should use Owned Media channels such as blogs or magazines as an external communication tool. We support you in creating relevant content – which means: we focus on your expertise and create content with added value for the user. The result is keyword optimized stories that pay into the SEO ranking and generate leads to your website.


Speakers for Symposia / Conferences

Symposia, conferences, panel discussions and trade fairs offer an ideal platform for the exchange of information on trend developments and innovations, as well as the presentation of your own projects and the associated expertise. We focus on the experts of a company and place them as speakers at relevant events that contribute to the brand awareness and generate BtoB and BtoC leads.


When two brands enter into cooperation, the intersection of each customers not only results in a new fan community, but also in good news with news value. We are well experienced to bring the right partners together, accompany the implementation of the end product and to ensure media coverage in the target media during every phase of the cooperation.

Corporate Communication /Employer Branding

Employees are the greatest asset of any company. To inform them professionally, to accompany them through change and to inspire them with innovations, should therefore always have top priority. We develop strategies and maintain content spaces, platforms and corporate blogs in order to keep employees up to date and to make their valuable contributions visible. In addition to the goal of keeping the identification and motivation of employees high, it is important to retain and inspire qualified junior staff as early as possible.


Corporate TV / Moving Images

We develop clips and videos for social media channels or native advertising campaigns. We bring together the right actors for the implementation, control the communication process and work out the storyline.

Crisis communication

In the event of a crisis, there is no time for long debates and complex approval processes in several rounds. We are trained to analyze any weaknesses and risks in advance and to develop suitable communication solutions for different scenarios. Moreover, we prepare executives and spokespersons to deal appropriately with the media and social channels in case of emergency.