Case: M-sense

INDUSTRY: Health, Tech

WHAT: Press Work


FROHE BOTSCHAFT: For the Berlin-based startup Newsenselab, we reached around 25 million people annually across the breadth of the media landscape: from consumer media, daily and weekly newspapers to broadcast and trade media, as well as podcasts and social media.

M-sense is a headache and migraine app that helps people become experts in their own health. The certified medical app provides the most effective relaxation methods from clinical practice, personalized knowledge lessons and effective acute help.

Press Work: For our press work we are always looking for authentic and emotional stories that guarantee a high degree of identification and commitment. Real fans and users are the best protagonists for credible communication. In the field of medicine and health, users are also patients who want to help others by telling their individual stories of suffering. Giving them a voice, using the media to tackle stigmas that still exist and actively shape public discourse in the field of digital health is one of our tasks in the work for the migraine app M-sense.

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