INDUSTRY: Health, Tech, Insurance

WHAT FOR: Press work, Newsletters


FROHE BOTSCHAFT: Through PR tools we reach more than 7 million people every year, with a focus on B2B media. In addition, we enhance’s visibility with decision-makers, investors and other lateral thinkers in the insurTech industry via B2B newsletter.

YAS provides positive impulses for more exercise and a healthier lifestyle in everyday life through monetary benefits. Users, companies, life insurance companies, as well as private and public health insurance companies are equally pleased. The digital bonus program is a white label solution, which is adapted to the specific needs of each company.

Press work

Explaining the White Label App, featuring founder Dr. Magnus Kobel as InsurTech expert, and ensuring coverage in all media genres, is the central task of our communication strategy. In doing so, we focus on B2B media.



The B2B newsletter offers insurance expert Dr. Magnus Kobel a voice in the social discourse surrounding the digitalization of the insurance industry. As the core of each newsletter issue, we conduct interviews with relevant experts, investors and decision-makers and prepare the content.