Case: Mutterland

Launch-Events and Media Placements:  

In the course of numerous product launches and openings, it was our task to invite and inspire journalists and multipliers for events and to ensure media reporting.

The exclusive launch of the NENA lemonade at Mutterland, which the artist developed in collaboration with the perfumer Kim Weisswange, ensured wide-ranging coverage, including TV and radio. This event format required it to unite the interests of several parties.

We also supported further product launches in the Mutterland range and were primarily responsible to ensure media reporting in the local and specialist media. We also invited the press to the opening of the motherland Cöllns, Germany’s most traditional oyster restaurant, where personalities like Bismarck and Hans Albers already enjoyed the noble mussels.

Mutterland founder Jan Schawe talks about this on air in “the Stadtgespräch” on NDR 90.3.