Case: Wochenender


FIELD: Publishing Industry, Travelling

WHAT: Social Media, Influencer & Blogger Relations, Co-Brandings, Podcast

MARKET: Germany

GOOD NEWS: For the travel book series WOCHENENDER, we generated a social media boost that balanced and exceeded sales in spite of the closure of many local shops.

The WOCHENDER books give life to the most beautiful places in Northern Germany. The mix of clean design, great texts and fantastic pictures make these books especially popular presents as well as companions for short trips, excursions and vacations between Lüneburg Heath and the North Sea coast. Further editions and regions are planned.

Social Media: To promote the books beyond the borders of Hamburg, which is the base of the publishing house Frenz Verlag, we have developed a social media strategy that matches the design standards of the books and helps to increase the visibility of the brand. Within a few weeks, we were able to achieve an average engagement rate of 11% (average: 3%) for the WOCHENENDER on Instagram. This generated a conversion to its own online store, which became the main distribution channel during Corona.

A well balanced content mix is just as important as cooperating with relevant multipliers (bloggers, influencers, brands and media). For example, the online TV channel One.Hamburg included the WOCHENENDER in its teleshopping program.

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Podcast: WOCHENENDER-editor Elisabeth Frenz had a chat with Mutterland founder Jan Schawe about sustainable food and travelling. The podcast is played on Spotify.

The content was used to address the media and the for the WOCHENENDER channels (newsletter, website and social media).

Co-branding: Brand collaborations on social media have become essential as part of the digital age and offer the opportunity to achieve a broad visibility, especially for small companies. This creates benefits for both sides, such as the acquisition of new customers, the expansion of target groups and an image transfer.

Together with the Hamburg-based grocery store Mutterland, we were able to realize various brand cooperations for which we used social media. On Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, for example, a bar of Mutterland chocolate was offered free of charge at the online store of WOCHENENDER. In return, Mutterland put together various gift sets that were matching in color to the 5 editions of the book series.