Case: Hamburg First

Frohe Botschaft: Flagge #5


INDUSTRY: Media, Advertising

WHAT: Media Solutions


FROHE BOTSCHAFT: For Hamburg First we developed a concept that opens up marketing opportunities beyond the Hamburg metropolitan region. We accompany the change from the classic advertising business to digital multi-channel products. The textual implementation of advertorials as well as the creation of image material and videos are offered from a single source.

Hamburg First is the marketer of the Hanseatic local newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost and other analog and digital media brands.

Media Solutions: We advise marketers of media brands on the creation of native advertising campaigns and develop content that meets the journalistic requirements of the journalistic environment as well as the messages of the advertising companies. With the Urban News Value product, customers can tailor their campaigns precisely to the German metropolises – digitally and across publishing houses in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Berlin. The concept defines product packages and conveys the potential of this unique mix as well as inspiring enthusiasm for the new advertising phalanx.

When designing and implementing credible native advertising campaigns, the focus is on the editorial environment and the added value for the reader. For the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, HVV, users of the new HVV app were portrayed, along with suitable quotations. The photo series was played out online, in print and via the social channels of the Hamburger Morgenpost.

For the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon we developed a moving image campaign that was not only played out via the channels of the Hamburger Morgenpost, but was also successfully integrated into the communication strategy of HAMBURG Wasser.

Watch the movie here.

Together with the digital lunch innovation LunchNow, we initiated a Burger Challenge, which was accompanied by PR for a period of two weeks and called for participation via the channels of the Hamburger Morgenpost, as well as the web browser and app of LunchNow. In the end there were not only 37 burger restaurants which enjoyed the special attention, multimedia reach and an extraordinary lunchtime guest crowd. Testers and burgers were also chosen as winners. The Hamburger Morgenpost featured a new topic via a multi-channel strategy and generated additional attention for itself and the startup LunchNow: