Case: Robo Wunderkind


WHAT: Press work, editorial visits, speakers for symposia and conferences, co-brandings


FROHE BOTSCHAFT: For the Viennese start-up we achieve a presence in a large number of publications with an annual reach of more than 700 million. For this purpose, we place founder Anna Iarotska as a speaker at symposia and awards, and initiate cooperations with educational institutions that integrate Robo Wunderkind into their classes and workshops.

Robo Wunderkind has developed a robot construction kit with which children learn programming in school and at home in a playful way.

Press work & editorial visits: Children should not just consume digital content and technical gadgets, but can create them themselves. This message is at the same time the pedagogical motto of Robo Wunderkind and thus also the linchpin of communication.

Radio Njoy report:

“Die Krise ist ein Anstoß sich weiter zu entwickeln”

TV report Puls 4:

TV report Regio Stuttgart:

Speakers for symposia & awards: Anna Iarotska is an exciting founder due to her international resume and multiple engagements in business, founding and education. She enriches events like the Bits & Pretzels with her contributions. We also think about female empowerment events such as the Plan W Congress of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In addition, we present the young pioneer for appropriate awards, such as the Digital Female Leader Award, which she won in 2019.

Cooperations with educational institutions: Around 60 schools and kindergartens throughout Germany already use the Robo Wunderkind Kits in their teaching and learning. We present the smart construction kit to school and kindergarten administrations as well as youth hostels and associations in order to familiarize educators with the simple use of Robo Wunderkind. We also discuss possible scenarios for TV and local media coverage.

Link to Jugendherberge Osnabrück:

Influencer relations: In order to bring the uncomplicated use of the learning toy closer to families and to create additional reach, we cooperate with selected influencers. Mom and Dad bloggers show their community that even absolute IT laymen can easily and intuitively get into the game with the construction kit set.